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Ghillie Base Leaf

Ghillie Base Leaf

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Minimalistic ghillie suit designed for enhanced camouflage properties and reduced weight.
Typically worn over the base layer of uniform and carried equipment, this oversuit is manufactured of light yet durable fabric in a disruptive pattern. The base of the suit is a combination of a bolero-type cover with a cape fitted with a camouflage net and leaf-shaped pieces of fabric. Adjustable chest buckles and integrated shock cords in the sleeves give the wearer a high degree of regulation and comfort, with the ability to access chest-worn equipment.

The oversized, mesh-made hood is spacious enough to cover a helmet without limiting the range of motion of the head. Flexible sewn-in wire on the edge of the hood helps to set it in a proper shape, while multiple cords keep it well regulated.

An extended cape with incorporated leafed netting provides ample space for additional vegetation and pieces of disruptive fabric.
This disruptive oversuit keeps your visibility in check, allowing you to blend into the surroundings at the airsoft field.

Dimensions and weight

43 cm
Length packed:
45 cm
28 cm
Width packed:
29 cm
8 cm
Height packed:
9 cm
0.19 kg
Weight packed:
1.21 kg


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