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Padded Rifle Carrier 80cm

Padded Rifle Carrier 80cm

Item number: 10142910100

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Very versatile and robust weapon pouch for short long guns such as MP5, SG552, SG553, M4 CQB-R and other models of comparable size. The weapon is fixed by means of Velcro and can therefore not slip. Other accessories can also be fixed inside the bag with Velcro, alternatively there are three external pockets available. The bag is very well padded, so the weapon is ideally protected. There are also no sharp edges or zippers in the inner compartment, so the weapon cannot be scratched.

Dimensions and weight

80 cm
Length packed:
80 cm
36.5 cm
Width packed:
36.5 cm
7 cm
Height packed:
7 cm
1.18 kg
Weight packed:
1.45 kg


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