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Steel Half Face Mask FAST Version

Steel Half Face Mask FAST Version

Item number: 10803222000

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Half face mask designed to provide protection to the jaw and nose. It is made of robust steel net which can be shaped to the unique user anatomy. Durability against adverse weather conditions and rust is ensured by a polymer layer.

The mask is secured on the FAST type helmet a number of elastic and adjustable bands. The whole circuit is covered with a fabric for user’s comfort.

This type of protection is very popular not only among fans of military games but it’s also a choice of protection against low-velocity debris among military and law enforcement personnel, especially while breaching obstacles like doors with shotgun rounds or explosives

Dimensions and weight

22 cm
Length packed:
26 cm
15 cm
Width packed:
25 cm
8 cm
Height packed:
8 cm
0.113 kg
Weight packed:
0.16 kg


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